Five of The Most Popular Electric Bikes For Sale Right Now

The increasing number of vehicles running on fuel is creating urgency for more energy efficient alternatives.  As a result, many companies are coming out with their version of highly efficient electric bikes.

If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint, electric bikes serve a great alternative. Although the initial investment can range in price, there appears to be a global shift happening that is tilting the scales in favor of these machines.

Compared to pedaled bikes, electric bikes are just as comfortable, and certainly more powerful. They are used for commuting across traffic.   They are fabulous for getting to and from your destination and most notably assisting with climbing hills.  

Depending on the type of electric bike or your local traffic laws, you may not need registration or license papers to use these bikes.

Using electric bikes instead of conventional vehicles is one of the best ways to contribute towards the environment.

If you are starting to consider an electric bike, we’ve done our research and offer what we think are 5 of the best for sale now!

For specific sizing recommendations, we recommend using this Amazon sizing chart. 

Retro Style Greaser Electric Bike - T4B 500W 48V


Making its comeback in style, the 500W, 48V Greaser will certainly get you noticed. Boasting a top speed of 35mph, 5 hour charge time, and a 25-50 mile extended range, this bike has the capacity to cover a long range in ultimate retro style.

This bike has been heavily inspired by the timeless 1920's board tracker.

From the designer seat and handlebars, hand-crafted fuel tank design all the way to the vintage style LED headlamp, this bike has got it all!  Absolutely no expense was spared in designing this masterpiece. 

Whether you're looking to chase the city lights, street hop, or simply enjoy the freedom of exploration without traffic congestion, this is the way to do it in style with your very own vintage inspired GREASER.



Addmotor 100W Motan M-5800 Fat Tire Electric Bike

Addmotor MOTAN M-5800 1000W Fat Tire Electric Bike

AddMotor is all about one thing: Power!  When it comes to designing their line of electric bikes, they are always asking, how can they increase the power.  

It would appear they’ve found the secret sauce in the AddMotor 1000W Motan M-5800 Fat Tire Electric Bike.  Boasting a 1000W Bafang Rear Hub Motor you are sure to look like a BOSS on incline's that comparable 500W electric bikes would struggle with. 

This mid-drive motor was specifically designed for difficult terrain, and the bike packs a 60mile range and an impressive top-speed of 30mph which makes this bike in rare company to its competitors.  That’s impressive considering that this is a bike that comes with 4-inch wide heavy duty Fat Tires for Off-Road Use. 

This is undoubtedly one of the fastest electric bikes currently available.

Some other nice features of the bike are a rear bike-rack for storage, a 5-inch LCD Display for progress monitoring, 3 different speed settings, and a 48V, 17.5 AH lithium battery that completely charges in under 7 hours.  This bike is available on Amazon, and is no doubt a favorite among E-bike enthusiasts.

Populo 250W Lift V2 Eletric Commuter

Populo 250W Lift V2 Electric Commuter

Available at a cost of just under $1,500, this bike features a very functional look and is one of the best values in regards to electric bike functionality.  With a sleek ergonomic design, the Populo Sport V2 weighs about 36lbs and has a pedal-assist top speed of 20mph.

If you are using electric bikes for short distances and leisure commutes, this bike is a nice solution.  With a 30 mile range, this bike will allow you all the advantages offered with some of the more expensive models. 

The battery mount is manufactured using an injection molded technique.

The bike is available in 3 colors and comes equipped with:

LED display Battery, speed, and distance indicators with 3 pedal assist levels at the touch of a button.

Powerful 250W Electric Motor Assists with climbing steep inclines with ease.

Slip & Wear Resistant 700c tires offer Skid and Slip Prevention.

The packaging also includes both a 10mm and 15mm wrench, and a 10 in 1 Hex Tool for assembly.

EVX Chopper

EVX Chopper

From humble beginnings EVX offers a sleek looking 1000W, 40 and 60V line of electric scooters.

One of their most popular is the SELF BALANCING EVX Chopper, a minimalist scooter that maxes out on features.

At  a little over $2,000, the premise behind the EVX Chopper was to create an affordable, reliable electric scooter capable of transporting people anywhere within a 50 mile radius. 

Powered by a huge 1000 watt electric hub motor, the EVX Chopper boasts a truly impressive 60 volt, 12 amp hour lithium-ion battery. 

Most comparable high powered e-bikes have a maximum battery voltage of 48v.

With 3 speed settings and EABS Hydraulic Disc Brake System this scooter allows you to stop easily, and can go roughly 20-25mph when completely charged.

For those concerned about riding a 2-wheeled scooter, the EVX Chopper is self-balancing thanks to super wide, straight grain, 9.5" tubeless tires. It's as simple as leaning into a turn and letting the scooter do the work.


QFX BIK-26-WH Unfold & Go


 QFX Folding Electric Bike

And finally, for most of us on a tight budget, The QFX BIK-26-WH Unfold & Go Bike comes at a price point under $600. It has a pedal and twist throttle and 26-inch foldable frame that allows you to transport the bike easily wherever you go.

A 12-speed Shimano gear system will enable you to easily reach speeds of 15 mph. If the battery is full, you can cover a distance of 15 miles with battery and 31 miles with pedal assist. The bike has a wheel diameter of 26 inches, a wheel reflector, and phone holder along with a USB port for charging.

It has an adjustable seat and an easily removable battery.  Some owners often buy an additional backup battery to switch out for added distance on commutes. 

Obviously at this price point you will not get the features of the higher end models listed above, but for those interested in getting their feet wet with an electric bike, this is a great one to start with.  There is limited availability currently on this model, and is sold at Walmart.


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